Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children May 13, 2013


               “My little creatures, My little one is hard headed and kneels down when I have told her that she should not, due to the condition in her legs, and so she suffers greatly.  Your Mother does not want My little one to suffer.  I ask you to pray for My little one, even though your Mother always accompanies her.  This is how all who are chosen to follow the Path of Jesus and Mary suffer.

                “My little ones, your Loving Mother is very happy because the people of these times celebrate important days during this month.  During this time in which you are living, you are receiving many blessings wherever your Loving Mother is venerated.  You know that your Mother is Light and that is why you always light a candle to ask for a favor, for hope.

                “On this globe on which you are living, you have to rejoice much, My little creatures, because you have a place like this place and like all the places where your Mother appears.  She does not place Her Feet on the ground, for She is carried by the angels from one place to another.             

                “Your Loving Mother always goes to the neediest places of this corrupt world.  Humanity is suffering much pain because man has become a tyrant toward humanity.  You do not know how to raise your children.  Mothers are occupied by working in the world in order to help the partners that they have taken as their husbands.  The husbands are the ones who should be working and bringing the daily bread to their homes so the mothers can attend to their children, educate them and help them with all the problems that happen to these little creatures.  This world that you are living is contaminated with evil.  The children are the hope and the future, the hope of humanity.  Today’s children do not play with toys that are made to expand their intelligence and so they could have a game that is truly healthy.  They are given weapons and they are taught to seek those weapons, which they use to annihilate anyone who happens to cross their path.  Today, children are not children; your Mother says that some of them are monsters who are out there in the world of today, because their minds are polluted by all those little gizmos [computer games and websites] that man has made to contaminate the homes, to separate marriages, and to make the children to leave their parents and commit so many aberrations.

                “In all places, your Mother cries; your Mother rarely smiles.  The world is full of pain, full of evil, full of aberrations.  Your Mother rarely smiles because the pain of each one of you is also the sorrow of Mary.  My little ones, your Loving Mother suffers when She sees how each of you leaves those creatures that you bring into the world and how you do not know how to educate and raise them for the future.

                “My little ones, those of you who inhabit the earth have to pray for peace in the Middle East, where men kill each other for nothing, only for power.  The countries of Central and South America should be the most united to the Church that the Beloved left to you, but the Path that the Well Beloved left is divided.  An evil that is influenced by anti-Christianity is governing all of the Americas.  It is not strange that there are wars and crimes in the Middle East, because they have lived that way for all their lives.  But it is very sad for your Heavenly Father and for your Loving Mother that now, in those countries where there should be the most believers, that they have separated so far from the right Path, from the love of following Jesus.  Jesus never gave up the Cross, and He still carries it spiritually for each one of you and He suffers when you commit a crime, a mistake, and you do not repent.  You also need to carry your own cross.

                “South America will be lost, My little ones, and when that happens, the place where you live will also be lost.  Great crimes that human beings have forgotten about will occur against humanity.  The countries where many of you were born are becoming entangled with that country that has now embraced anti-Christianity in order to follow in the footsteps of that small island in the sea that is separated from you by a few miles.  That island that was once chosen by God was a wonderful island, like Switzerland, but the antichrist has contaminated it, has ruled it, and is still ruling that small country.  That country has contaminated all the countries that are near it, and each of them will suffer in the same way that little island has been suffering for a long time.  Those other countries are not opening their eyes or their hearts to see that the Socialism of which they speak is not freedom.  Socialism is the beginning of anti-Christianity.  They deceive the people with the word ‘social’, because Social Democracy is not social, but anti-Christian.  The people wrap themselves up in this theory so they can believe that the word ‘social’ means union, progress, wealth, but what it really means is misery, denial of Christ, denial of Mary.  Today, they use that word and they use the names of Mary and Jesus to commit their violent acts against a society that has always lived in a Christian way.  Men will pay with their own lives for each act they commit against God and all that He created.

                “Pray, every one of you, so that your countries do not fall for that very common word that men of today want, they want to be social.  They don’t know that your Heavenly Father says that the word ‘social’ that they are using means anti-Christianity.  Flee, My little ones, from the fanaticism of religions and from anti-Christianity.  The Well Beloved left the way for you when He carried the Cross so that you would have the true Path, which is faith, love for Christ, love for Mary and love for the Church, which My Beloved does not call Church, but Temple of the Holy Spirit.  The Body and Blood of Beloved Jesus is sacrificed there, three times a day.

                “I ask every one of the believers, not just in this little place, but everywhere your Mother gives the love that the Well Beloved left for each of His children on the earth, do any of you want anti-Christianity to embrace all your countries and all of mankind and to make each of you live in slavery, without freedom and without love, just for choosing the True Church?  The Catholic Church is the Path that Jesus left for you so that after each of you confesses, you could consume the Body and Blood of the Beloved.  It does no good to only go around the world and say, ‘How nice it is that our Mother appears everywhere.’  How beautiful it would be if everyone who goes to the apparitions all over the world would take to everyone the Message of Love that your Celestial Father gives to you through your Mother.  

                “Open your arms, My little ones, to love, to sacrifice, to kindness, to pity, to charity, they are the best Rosaries that each of you could give to your Loving Mother.  Go to the Sanctuary that your Father left for you; you call It the Catholic Church, which means Universal.  Confess and receive Communion in your mouth.  Open your mouth and take the Body and Blood of Jesus with true humility and true love, because He is truly present in the Sacred Eucharist.  Bend your knees in order to receive Him; that is how He told you to do it in the Holy Scriptures, and it is also what your Loving Mother said when She taught the Rosary to everyone.

                “Your Mother appears everywhere to bring a Message of love, of charity, but it would serve no purpose if when you leave your sanctuaries and temples you do not remember anything of what your Mother says.  Your Mother always comes with the angels and brings an infinite love for each one of you.  She brought Jesus of Nazareth into the world so that the world would be different and so that you would love each other as He loves you.  He suffered on the Cross for each one of you and He never abandoned the Cross.  Each one of you has to carry your own cross.  It will be less heavy every time you say a prayer, do some charity, and receive with love those who are less fortunate and those who suffer because they do not even have a place to sleep.  Many of them sleep under bridges and mankind is indifferent; they do not want to see them or give them charity.

                “Pray that Israel is not attacked.  Israel is the Promised Land of God where the Well Beloved was born.  When Israel is attacked the world will shake in a third world war.  It will be difficult to avoid, but it can be averted only through prayers to God so that the Promised Land, which the Father gave for His Son to be born in Bethlehem, is preserved.  Everyone must remember that Jesus was born in complete misery, He being the King of kings and His Mother being your Loving Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Her Son was born in a manger surrounded by animals so that man would know that Jesus is in misery.  Each act of charity that you do for a sick person, for an old man, for a child, you do for Jesus.

                “Today, mothers kill and abort their children in the womb, where they should be safest.  Every time you do charity by advising women not to abort and to instead allow their babies to be born, you are praying the best Rosary that you can for the Virgin Mary.

                “Pray that peace continues in Venezuela does not end, because a disaster is close and blood will be shed in that country that today is between a rock and a hard place.  It is a rich country, but it will fall into total poverty because anti-Christianity will rule that country and blood will be shed in it.

                “You must pray so that the Celestial Father allows your Mother to continue to appear to do good for humanity, converting you to return to the Church, to love, to God; that is where He wants to find you one day.  Pray for the sick, for the disabled, for the unfortunate ones.  When nature trembles, it is God, Who is making His Justice fall upon the earth.  He did not make made the earth for it to come to an end, but for it to last over time.  Pray for peace, for it is contaminated by evil.  Pray, My little ones, and do not listen to what is being said, because the world will not end.  God created the world with all its benefits so that men will live and rejoice in it.  

                “Pray for all visionaries of the world who pass along the Message that your Mother gives to them.  Pray not only for one of them, but for all of them, so that God will truly open His Arms to them at any given time and that they will receive the love that He has planted in their hearts since they were in their mothers’ wombs.  Do not criticize the chosen ones; it is not their fault that they are chosen, for it is God Who chooses them.  Pray for each of them.

                “Prepare yourselves so that your Loving Mother, with the Divine Spirit of God, touches you on this day and so that everyone receives the love that you have sown in the Heart of Mary.  Always remember that everything you ask your Loving Mother for with love, is what She takes instantly to Jesus, and He does not deny His Mother anything.  Remember that the first miracle that Jesus made was through the intercession of your Loving Mother, and there will be many more miracles through Mary because Jesus responds to Her prayers.

                Before you are anointed, know that your Mother is listening to each of the sorrows that you bring in your hearts, and that when you leave from here you will see that many things will have changed, even though you may not believe it.

                “Your Mother hears the cries and sobs of those who come to a small place like this one with a creature who sacrifices herself, not only for having been chosen, but for the ones she loves the most.  Pray for her because she is weak; the strength she has is given to her by your Loving Mother and your Celestial Father.  Remember, My little one is weak.  Pray so that she continues to remain here and does not want to move from this place, and that she continues to do the work that God entrusted to her through the Loving Mother.

                “Always remember that your Mother will be with each of you in every prayer that you pray if you truly pray with love.  Pray for all the visionaries of the world who are persecuted, abused, and neglected for following the Path that Jesus left, the Law of God, not of man.  Pray for the sick, for the children who are aborted.  I ask the women of today: try to prevent the abortions of your friends, your acquaintances, your relatives; it is the best gift you can give to your Loving Mother and to Jesus.

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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