April 6 2013 Night of the Vigil

Night of the Vigil

                “Your Loving Mother always surprises the small creature who is, as Padre Pio says, testa dura [hardheaded].  Your Mother has accompanied you with the Rosary for a while, but she [Rosa] would not let your Mother talk so I could give each of you hope that your Mother is always with each of the creatures who always comes to the Rosary.  The Rosary is the most beautiful way to approach Me, My little ones.

                “Your Loving Mother greets those who have come to this small place for the first time and also those who have not come for a long time.  Your Mother is always waiting in the shelter of Jesus for each one of you to return to the Path the He left at each of the apparition of your Mother in this troubled world in which you live.

                “I want to say something very important so you will understand that a Marian apparition is not for only two or three days, it is for a long time, probably until the little creature leaves this world.  Your Mother will continue with each one of you and when the little one leaves, this place will remain as a Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit and She will always take care of it.

                “Your Loving Mother tells you that the mistakes that men make in this troubled world of today in which you live will bring great consequences, not only for this country, but for the entire world.  You must pray continually, always asking for peace, which has been altered in this world, and there seems no recovery of it in sight, My little ones.

                “Pray that the war they want to start in that country of the people with white hair and yellow skin will be averted.  Do you know about which country your Mother is speaking?  Do everything you can to prevent the people of North Korea from invading the country they want to invade, because they would have to declare war on it, and you do not have any idea how much evil that such a war would cause, My little ones.

                “Today you ought to pray, together with the Pope that the Well Beloved gave you, so that a disgrace does not come to humanity because of the violence, hatred, envy, and evil in the hearts of human beings.  Men make wars, but they do not make peace.

                “One day, I made the little one see in a revelation what would happen to the president who governed Venezuela.  Your Heavenly Father made her see where he was at that moment and she saw him agonizing and screaming, ‘Do not let me die!’  But unfortunately for him, the country to which he went to be healed is the place where they removed him from their path, as he hindered those brothers [the Castros] who want to rule his country and make it as miserable as they have made their own small Caribbean island.

                “If the people of Venezuela do not come to an agreement, they will fall into the hands of international Communism, which governs Latin America from that small Caribbean island.  It had always been a shrine, but now it has become an island of death, pain, hunger, and persecution.  Men have closed their eyes; they do not want to see that around all these countries they are being fed by what you call Socialism, which is the threshold of the path of anti-Christianity.  That ruler died without knowing that the place where he took refuge was where they were going to eliminate him.

                “The anti-Christians eliminate each other whenever one of them gets in the way of taking over a country they want to govern, and the most generous dish that that small island has to export to the whole world is anti-Christianity.  Man falls into the claws of the evil one without realizing that he has been the object of betrayal, not only of the world in which you live, but of God.  The anti-Christians cannot rule mankind, because they want to destroy the Christian faith that is in the heart of every human being.

                “God made the world so that you would live in peace and not in war.  But man continues to trip on the same stone, as many of them want to form one universal government to dominate the entire world.

                “You must pray, not only for peace in this world that God created for the joy of each of you, but you must also pray for the Holy Father, who was given to you so that he would take you to the True Path that the Well Beloved left for the True Church, the one that should prevail all over the world.  There is no other Path; there is only one Path, which is the one the Celestial Father left, and that is the Path you have to walk with sacrifice and love, true love.  Every one of you is one of the new apostles that your Celestial Father has chosen through the little creature to be spokesmen, trumpeteers of the true existence of God.  Many of you do not know Him, but He lives in each of your hearts and He occasionally gives you signs so that you do not make mistakes and turn away from the Path that He left for all of you. 

                “My little ones, society in this corrupt world is becoming lost, because women are killing the little ones in their wombs, the place where they should be the safest.  They believe that God will never ask them for an account of each of the creatures that are killed in this world that is corrupted by the drug that poisons the hearts of the young.  Instead of looking for husbands to marry with God’s blessings, they seek mates as if they were animals.   They become paired and they conceive creatures they do not love, then they abuse or murder them.  You will suffer the consequences of everything you are doing in this world, My little ones.

                “Pray for the Sanctuary that God left, where His Body and Blood are sacrificed so that each of you can receive Him.  Pray for those pastors He left for you, so that they do not destroy the True Church.  Pray for that honest, good-hearted Pope.  There is not enough room in his heart for all the joy that he feels in guiding God’s army back to the Path that many have abandoned, not only many priests, but many men in general.  There are very few people who remember to go to Church, which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  Rejoice when you go there and take His Body and His Blood, because that is the way you will be saved when you have to give an account to the Celestial Father.

                “Great events are coming, My little ones, but you have to be prepared in prayer.  Always count on the Divine Power of the Celestial Father, Who with your Loving Mother, will guide you.  Wherever your Mother appears you must honor Her, love Her and visit Her.  Your Loving Mother is appearing everywhere in the world so that you will choose the True Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left for you.

                “That Little Creature was born in a pure Womb, without any blemish, without any evil, in a Virginal Womb.  That is where the Little Giant was born, the One Who never complained, even though He knew He was going to die by being sacrificed by men on a Cross.  But He never abandoned It; He even carried It on His Back.  In the same way are all those whom your Celestial Father chooses to guide the flock that is lost, that herd that occasionally disperses and is not able to see the Path.  But your Loving Mother manifests to them in many forms so they can return to the Path that they abandoned.

                “My little ones, take shelter in your temples, where the priests that the Well Beloved left can guide you to the Path that is full of love, sacrifice, detachment; don’t let anyone warp the Path.  Take the Bread in the Church and from the priests so that you may be purified in body and soul.  Take it with love, with devotion, because It is truly the Body and Blood of Christ.

                “Your Father sends your Mother to lead the flock into the sheepfold that they have abandoned.  Your Celestial Father is in your heart and in your minds so that you do not turn away from the Path that He left to you with His sacrifice and with His love.  He knew that He was going to be crucified on a Cross and yet He did not come down from It. 

                “Each one of you who is in this place takes the love that the Holy Spirit gives to you through the little creature.  She loves everyone who comes here and respects the Church that the Well Beloved left.

                “Love one another as He loves you; love one another the way your Loving Mother gives you tenderness in every place where She appears.  Establish an hour of prayer with your families, with your children, with your friends.  Do not knock on the doors of others, because wherever you are, you can pray and encounter Jesus and the Virgin Mary in a prayer for the less fortunate of the world.  Today, many do not have anyone to help them; they cannot go to a shrine or a church because they have way to get there.

                “Always remember what the little creature teaches you, that you will find the love of Jesus and the love of your Mother through charity.  Whatever you sow today in this world in which you live you is what you will collect as your treasure in Heaven, not only for yourselves, but for all those dearest to you, those whom your Mother will guide to the True Love, Who is the Well Beloved.  Every year at Easter you remember the Sacrifice of Love that Jesus made for the world.

                “My Little ones, I know that many of you sometimes complain that that little creature is naughty and stubborn.  She thinks she is only acting like a little child, but she does everything with affection for each one of you.  Love her as she loves you.  She loves all My children and she guides them onto the Path that the Well Beloved left.

                “I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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