Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children March 13, 2013

“My little creatures, today your Loving Mother is sad, because the little creature [Rosa] is a little sick.

                “Today is a very important day for the world.  The malignant one is always working to destroy the Church.  Do not let all the gossip that they are spreading about the Church go into your ears.  Yes, there are pastors who have opened their ears to the evil one, but they are few.  Jesus left one Path for the world to follow, and it is Him.

                “Your Loving Mother weeps and suffers greatly for all that is happening and will happen in the world.  Pay attention to everything that is happening in the world and pray.  Pray for the country of Venezuela, where many things will happen and blood will be shed and many people will die.  Your Loving Mother says that no one killed the president of Venezuela.  He caused his own death by profaning the tomb of Simon Bolivar.  Many things will happen in Cuba.  In the United States, many things will also happen, because the president and the governmental leaders are not coming to an agreement for the sake of the country.  This country opens its doors to everyone who needs it, but when it is abused, you need to separate yourselves from the abusers so they do not destroy this country that has great opportunities for men to survive the coming events.

                “There will be food shortages because the weather is not good, not only for this country, but for all countries.

                “The King of kings was born for all, for the rich and for the poor; for Jesus there is no difference among people.  He was born in a manger so that you would know that in misery, in sickness, in pain, is where you can find the King of kings.  He sends your Loving Mother to all the countries of the world to call His children to return to the fold, to the only Path that left Jesus, one Path for everyone, for all social classes, one Path that you must follow.   Try to be the best you can so that what has to happen does not happen – food shortages, hunger, misery, and disease.  Today, your Loving Mother prays for each one of you.

                “Jesus left you nature, which is alive so that each of you can find the food you need and also the medicines that each of you needs in order to live.  If man plants in good land, the harvest will produce the good food that man needs to live.

                “At this moment, you are praying the Mystery of the Birth of Jesus.  He sees everyone in the world and He knows where the pain, the misery, the hunger, and the diseases are, and that is why He made the nature that man has contaminated and the food that is for you to use to survive the great moments that are coming to this world.

                “Remember that your Mother always says that She will appear all the time in order to gather the tribe of Israel for when the Celestial Father returns through His Son to the earth.  He will hold each of you accountable for all that you do.  He was born in a manger, miserable and poor, even though He is the King of kings.  He did not need to be born there, but He wanted to do it that way so that man would know that in misery, in poverty, in disease, is where you find Jesus. 

                “You must open your hearts to help the wretched and the dispossessed.  You do not know when Jesus will dress Himself like a beggar, a black person, an Indian, a leper, or when the Virgin Mary, your Mother, will be dressed as a beggar, miserable and poor in rags, begging to see how the heart of each of you will react when they say to you, ‘Please give me something to eat.’  You may think, ‘No, I will not give them anything, because they will use it for drugs.’  Never think that, because your Mother and your Father can take on the personality of any of those I described in order to test the hearts of every human being.

                “Your Mother appears everywhere in the world.  The Well Beloved rejoices in the heart of the little one [Rosa], because she repeats what He tells her through locution.  The little creature does not know anything; intelligence is given to her by your Celestial Father to convey that everyone should be a servant of God on this earth that today is convulsed with wars, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, and women who prefer to kill their children in the womb before they are born. 

                “God is sending His Justice to the earth through nature, until He returns to do it personally.  Jesus does not punish, He sends Justice to humanity, which is setting off the total destruction of this world that the Celestial Father left for you so that you could live, feed yourselves, be happy and populate the earth.  Imagine if God would have created only men or only women; there would be no procreation.  Birds of a feather flock together to procreate and create different kinds of people, but all of them are children of the same God, and one father and one mother.

                “I ask you to pray fervently on this day for the Temple that Jesus left, the Temple of the Holy Spirit where His Body is sacrificed three times a day.  The Body and Blood of Jesus are in that little piece of Bread.  Show respect in the way you take It; open your mouths and bow your heads when you receive It.  God is coming to dispense Justice in those temples and to those shepherds that Jesus left to guide the flock which has been dispersed throughout the world.  You offend your Mother, the Mother of God, every time you open your mouths to humiliate Her, and you say things that at the time that Jesus walked with you in the world He did not allow anyone to say to offend Her.  He left John the Lesser to care for Her, because She wanted to leave with Jesus.

                “Remember that today, as the Rosa Mystica, your Loving Mother is spreading golden dust everywhere and is blessing the water so that human beings may be receive healing.

                “I assure you that the beings who have come today to this place that is small but great in love, will receive many blessings.  The little one is small but great in charity and in sacrifice for serving everyone with the greatest love that you can receive.  Today, many of the people who are in this place will have a great experience from your Loving Mother when they are touched.  I assure you that many who do not believe and who come to this place out of curiosity will also get what they came here looking for – the Truth, only the Truth.

                “I love you, My little ones, and I tell you that you do not need prayer groups where everyone gossips, where everything that is said is repeated to others, and where the last thing they do is pray.  Remember that Jesus is in your hearts, sighing with the Holy Spirit so that you will pay attention.  He is in your hearts, and that is where He speaks to you, where He guides you, where you feel Him, and that is where He trembles and chooses a creature to carry the Message of love to all corners of the world.

                “This place was turned into a place of love when your Loving Mother and Jesus appeared to the little creature.  Anyone can be chosen and you do not know who it may be, the humblest of creatures, the least known, because God does not give wisdom to the wise, but to the unfortunate ones who know nothing.

                “I bless you, My beloved ones, and I urge you to pray.  Internal prayer is invaluable, because you are praying with Him, Who is in your hearts, sighing within you. 

                “Pray for the Holy Father who resigned.  They made Him resign; the malignant one has infiltrated them in order to disperse the flock through the shepherds that Jesus left for you.  He resigned because he was forced to resign, not because he wanted to.  He resigned to avoid being an accomplice to many things that have permeated the Church in order to destroy It.

                “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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