March 9, 2013 Night of the Vigil

Night of the Vigil

                “Your Mother is happy when She sees the creatures who come out to meet your Loving Mother in order to hear the Words that I speak through the small creature.  My little ones, this is a very important day for your Celestial Mother, because I come to ask for many sacrifices, much prayer for the temple that the Celestial Father left for each of you who follow that Path that Jesus left, which is the Church.

                “Pray, My little ones, for the True Church, which is the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Pray for your priests, men who are consecrated to God, who, although many make mistakes because they are human beings, you ought not to criticize.  God will ask each of them for an account of the abuses they have committed with the creatures.  Pray for the Church, which is everyone who is baptized.  The Sacrament of Baptism is very important.  As children of God and members of the one Church, you can preach the True Word of God through the Holy Scriptures.

                “Be attentive to the suffering that is in the world today.  Pray for each fallen being who stops living through error.  Young people today are filled with alcohol and drugs that men make and then use to poison souls and hearts in order to end the lives of human beings.

                “Your Loving Mother comes to you all the time asking for prayer, My little ones, in season and out of season, because great moments are coming for humanity.  You have to be prepared for what is to come.  Your Celestial Father will surprise you in whatever you’re doing and will not warn you.  Try to follow the Path that Jesus left, which is one Path, the Path of love, truth, prayer, the Path of the Church.  Love one another as He loves you.  Let the authorities know if any of you are witnesses of abuse or crime.  You should be willing to protect this world from vices, drugs, alcohol, and evil.  You should be honest with yourselves so you can be honest with the society in which you live.

                “Remember what I’m going to tell you.  Your Loving Mother never deceives you; She always speaks the truth to your hearts.  The Church is in danger, because many do not believe in the True Message that the Well Beloved gave to you through the Holy Scriptures so that the priests could teach you all the Truth that is written in It. 

                “Pray for the Pope, so that they have chosen one who is truly worthy of representing God on earth and so he will not be an instrument of evil.  Justice must prevail for the abuses of the creatures who should have been the safest and who have been terribly abused, especially the littlest creatures.  Pray that the men who choose to follow the Path of God will be truly honest and that there will be no slander heart in their hearts or abuse against the creatures they must protect and lead to the Path that God left for them.

                “Great things are happening in humanity, beginning with your Church and your sanctuaries, which Jesus calls the Temple of the Holy Spirit, where the Body and Blood of Jesus is offered as a sacrifice three times a day.  You should not take the Body and Blood of Jesus in that small Eucharist into your hands or from women, only in your mouths and from a priest.  You should bend your knees and bow down before the Body of Jesus, and receive Communion after you have confessed your sins.

                “Great things will occur.  Remember what happened recently in one country.  I had warned you about what would happen in those Messages that your Mother has given to you from your Celestial Father.  Many more things will happen in that country, and it is unavoidable that blood will be shed.  There is much ambition and promiscuity among the men who want to rule that country.  Remember, the small country of the little creature [Cuba] is involved in everything that has happened to that other country [Venezuela], so there will be big problems when the truth comes out about everything that happened regarding the disappearance of the one who was ruling that place.

                “This country [USA] has an undeclared recession that you will gradually become award of.  You must pray that it will not become a depression.  Pray to God and ask your Loving Mother to intercede for you so that it will not be too large, because even if is small, it will do much damage to this country.

                “There are many mothers and grandmothers here and your Loving Mother wants you to remember that the born and unborn children are the most important for My Well Beloved.  Do not let the little creatures be abused by hitting them or by abusing them sexually; those little creatures do not know what is happening to them.

                “Pray that God will take pity on this corrupt world.  My little ones, you are living like Sodom and Gomorrah in this country with the vice of sex between men and men and women and women.  My little ones, imagine, if God had created only men or only women there would be no future generations, because they would not have been able to procreate.  Pray, because prayer combats any of the evils that are in humanity.

                “Each of you should become like priests in your own homes so you can guide your children through the Holy Scriptures, where everything is written about what is coming, what will happen, and what has happened.   Everything is written, My little ones.  Your Father has chosen many creatures to carry the Messages to the world of today that does not want to listen, because the world has been corrupted through vices and wickedness.

                “Remember, My little ones, that Jesus was born in a manger to show man that in poverty, hunger, disease, and helplessness, is where Jesus is.  When each of you sees a creature who needs you, do not hesitate; give them something to eat, give them shelter, and do not mistreat them.  Do not mistreat any man, any child, any old person, any animal.  God left the animals to be companions for the elderly, the children, the sick.  They give them affection; do not betray them.

                “The world is destined to be purified by fire, but you should pray that this does not happen.  Pray; ask God that the angels will not blow their trumpets, because when that happens, Jesus will come.  You should be prepared for that day in your homes.  Do not open your doors or your windows to anyone, because the evil one can disguise himself as anyone so that you will open your door and he can gain entry to your home.  Keep blessed candles in your homes for the times of darkness.  Always have enough food for 12 months so that you will be prepared for anything that may happen.  Jesus will not warn you, and He will surprise you while you are doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing.  I will continue to appear, My little ones, in many places.  Wherever there is an open Heart for Jesus and your Mother, I will be there, giving Messages about all the things that are to come for mankind.  Do not be fooled by false prophets; what they are doing is manipulating you and making you live in uncertainty and terror.  God will not warn you, but you will know when He comes, because the angels will sound the trumpets announcing that the Good Shepherd is coming to gather His flock from the shepherds that He has consecrated in the world to gather the creatures who are lost.

                “Keep your hearts open to helping the world to be different, without listening to the whispers of those who want you to live in fear and terror.  No one knows when God will return.  He will surprise you so that you won’t suffer or be afraid, for wherever He is, your Loving Mother is also.  Those who do not deviate from the Path and those who return to the Path will be able to Glorify the Well Beloved.

                “Embrace each other with the love that God sends to you in every place your Loving Mother appears.  Honor the Beautiful Lady, as the little one calls Her.  Honor Her, venerate Her and defend Her from all who offend and hurt Her by not believing in Her.  Do not worry about those who deviate from the Path that Jesus left.  They will be saved and will become the promised people of the Well Beloved, the tribe that He will rescue, which today is dispersed all over the world

                “I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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