Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children February 13, 2013

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

February 13, 2013

“My little creatures, your Mother feels so much joy in manifesting Her Glory by coming in a state of pregnancy. 

“Your Loving Mother reads the hearts of the human beings who are in this place.  God is everywhere there are human creatures who desire miracles.  Your Mother brings those miracles in Her Smile, in Her Hands when She touches the creatures who desire to bring a small human being into the world who does not ask to come into the world, but who is conceived by the grace of the Divine Spirit of God through a marriage blessed by God.

“How your Mother suffers when a creature is conceived and then later, when the creature is no longer wanted, they get rid of the creature in little pieces, without caring about how he is suffering.  All of that calls for Divine Justice, because God, little creatures, does not punish man, but sends Justice.  Everyone receives Divine Justice according to their acts.

“Today is a special day, My little ones [Ash Wednesday].  Today is a day when the pastors that God left to guide the flock teach you about going to the temple where the Holy Spirit is in order to receive ashes.  Ashes symbolize life and death, because you have been made out of dust, and into dust you will return, even though many human beings don’t believe it.  My little creatures, I tell you that this is an important day when you should go to the temples.

“Remember that your Loving Mother does not call them churches as you do, but they are the temples of the Holy Spirit, where the Beloved is sacrificed three times per day.  When you consume that little Eucharist, you are eating the Body and Blood of Jesus, which gives you the right to live with the Well Beloved for eternity when you leave the earth.

“I would like to say something important, which is that in the world of today a Shepherd resigned, a good Pope.  God sent a signal to the Temple when the light [lightning] struck that place, warning you that something big will happen, not only for the cardinals who will choose the Pope, but for all humanity.  Great events are coming to the Temple in Rome, where they have built the Church of St. Peter.  Many momentous things will happen there; there will be many difficulties among the ones who will need to choose [a new Pope], and the one who is chosen will also be in great danger.  The sign that fell [upon the Church] is a sign so that mankind would reconsider his ways and know that that place is not a playground, but a place of sacrifice, of abandonment, a place for totally following at every moment the Celestial Father, Who sacrificed everything for each one of you on the earth.

“My little ones, the majority of men in this world in which you live do not want to follow the Church the Well Beloved left, the Temple where Jesus is sacrificed three times per day.  Many prefer to run after illusions that are not God’s Way.  Jesus left only one Path by which you ought to walk and from which you should not separate yourselves, so that you will have the right to live a life of love, embraced by the Divine Spirit of God within each one of you.

“I will explain to each of you how God is everywhere and in every place.  Your Mother says that God is everywhere.  He is in your hearts and He sighs when you are sad, and when you are happy, He laughs with you.  God will find you in whatever you are accustomed to be doing.  Many do not follow the Path of Jesus, some twist it and embrace many creeds that are not real and that God did not make.  There is only One God, your Celestial Father, Who is always with each one of you.  Your Loving Mother appears in order to gather the flock so that at a certain moment each of you may know where to go and where to take shelter from the evil that will come to the world and shake every human being.  Today is an important day because God reminds you that you are dust, and that to dust you will return.

“All those who truly have God in their hearts will be resurrected.  Few are the human beings that through wisdom, which is revealed to them by God, know what will happen in the world.  The world of today is corrupt, but that corruption gives you the chance to take the True Path, even though men don’t believe it.  When men find themselves choked by evil, that is when they go to God and beg, ‘Lord, remember me, for I believe in You.’  That is what Jesus expects from each of His children, from those whom He gathers, the flock that He unites and that He gave to the apostles so they could convert many into priests who would later be able to guide the flock to the Path of Love and the Path of Faith. 

“Do not turn away from the Path, says your Loving Mother today, because great events will occur.  It will not be the end of the world, because God did not make the world to end it, but from time to time, it receives the Divine Justice that He has prepared for every region, every country, every human being.

“Today I will give you a special blessing through the Holy Spirit.  Do not move from where you are.  In spite of her difficulties, the little creature [Rosa] is always ready to assist the creatures, those who come with love to this place that is small, but great in miracles.  Remember that greatness is in insignificance, not in abundance.  The Well Beloved was born in a manger, small and poor, so that you will know that Jesus is in the poor, the sick, the hungry, the disabled.  Your Loving Mother always tells you through the little creature that the best Rosary, the best prayer you can give to your Mother and the Celestial Father, is charity.

“If you do not have charity in your hearts, you will never be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  You enter the Kingdom of Heaven with love, charity, devotion, and faith, with all that Jesus gave to each of you on the Cross.  Jesus did not come down from the Cross.  Before He ascended into Heaven, He resurrected without the Cross on His Shoulder, but He gave to each of you a cross to carry so that you will be received into Heaven according to how you bear it on your shoulders.  The Cross of Jesus is love, charity, and blessings.  Jesus never abandoned His Cross; do not abandon the cross that God gives you so that you can become better every day.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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