February 09, 2013 Vigil Night

February 9, 2013

Vigil Night – Message from Our Lady

                “My children, each time this day comes, your Mother is filled with human conflicts for all the things that are happening in humanity, and also for all who come to this place that is small, but great in the miracles that your Celestial Father, through the Well Beloved, makes for the delight of every one of you.  My little creatures, on this day your Mother is happy, because you once again gather together to pray the Rosary and to ask for the blessing from your Celestial Father that your Mother will give to each of you.

                “My little ones, you have to prepare your hearts for the major events that will happen in the world.  This is an opportune time for you to know that in that small country where evil has been personified, where the evil one has taken over many hearts, where the ruler of that place has left a destroyed country, you should know that that ruler no longer has brain function.  Major events will occur; blood will be shed in that country.  You know what country I’m talking about, that country where the antichrist was ruling until recently, but no longer.  There are others who are worse than he; they are like vultures trying to destroy what’s left.  There are other countries that have rulers who are like vultures who carry all the wealth of their country in their own pockets.  That wonderful country was blessed by God with a product that would make them rich and not miserable.  

                “You must know, My little ones, that Venezuela will be flooded by a catastrophe, not from nature, but from humans, because there will be a war among all those creatures and many will die.  Pray for that country so that the preparations for a Cuba-Venezuela, as the one with no brain at this moment called it, does not occur.

                “You will see that there will be tornadoes in many places and My little ones, there will be many earthquakes in many parts of the world, and even more in America.  Pray a lot, My little ones, so that men do not attack the land where Jesus, your Father, was born.  Pray that the Promised Land is not attacked, because if it is, you will then see how the world will tremble because of the evil one’s desire to destroy mankind so the Antichrist can rule everywhere in a universal anti-Christian government.

                “The Well Beloved gave the little creature [Rosa] the natural medicine that not only has cured many people in this place, but in many places of the world.  Wherever it has been used, it has healed many people.  If you use it as directed it will heal many diseases; it is a wonderful liquid that God gives to you so that you can get rid of the many vultures who should be doctors that heal, but who instead kill off humanity through disease.

                “My little ones, I want tell you that the remedy that was given to the little one will heal many people in the world because God made it for the good of humanity.  Do not allow those who study healing to stop you from taking what will heal human beings of cancer, that illness that many do not heal from.  But taking this will heal you and you will live many more years.

                “I want to tell you that this country is going to suffer a great depression.  Man does not communicate this because is not convenient for them to talk about it.  My little ones, you ought to prepare yourselves for the difficult times with enough disposable food to share with others, as your Mother has warned you each year.  You must pray that nothing happens, and if nothing does happen, you should give your provisions to the poor and the needy and then replace them so they will last for a while

                “Keep praying with the hope that what should happen does not happen even though humanity is lost; there are no homes where suffering does not exist, where there are no abandoned children or youths.  Many children are abused; the children are the ones who are suffering the consequences of the mistakes of the adults; they did not ask to come into this world.  Pray that those creatures who leave their homes are found and not killed or abused by the evil that is in the world.  

                “Do not forget that major events will occur in humanity.  You who are with God must have candles blessed by the shepherds whom Jesus left, the priests who lead the flock.  People who have come to this place with the hope of being healed will be healed.

                “I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


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