Message on January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013

                “Beloved daughter, My little one, I like it when I see you happy and doing the Lord’s Work [She is referring to the people who visited Rosa today and whom she attended to].  Remember that there are many people who come to this place that is small, but big in miracles.  This place was made by your Well Beloved, but many of those people come here and don’t believe it.

                “Not all who come, come with faith.  Many come to test things, but when they come to test things and your Heavenly Father warns you about it and you say that to them, they get angry.  Do not pay any attention to that, My little one, just do the Lord’s Work.  Like Jesus of Nazareth, you were chosen to serve all the people who visit you with love.  Remember that those who come to test things are tested, even though they don’t tell you about it.

                “As always, says Jesus, your Well Beloved, when people come here to inquire about who will become their presidents or legislators, as you call them, those who will govern in this era during the four-year terms that they swear an oath to govern, do not think that the people come only to inquire about who will govern; they also come with a deep interest in putting to the test whether Jesus or Mary lies or tells the truth if They say do not vote for this one or that one.  Man is the one who has the ability to choose who the rulers will be.  God says never to ask your Heavenly Father for advice about who should govern you human beings.  Only God governs in Heaven and on Earth, but mankind does not obey.  Almost always, they twist the path that Jesus designates for them.

                He says there will be major events in this country and also in the country of Venezuela.  The people of Venezuela are unwilling to accept that their current ruler [Hugo Chavez] is incapacitated and is no longer able to rule.  I will not tell you if he has left this world or is still in it; let man be the one to discover that in time.  The people have the power to elect a new leader to teach them how to walk on the Path of Love, Justice, and Freedom.  Neither the Virgin Mary nor your Celestial Father will come down with a Rosary or carry the Cross to lead people to choose their rulers; you are the ones who must choose.  Do not blame God for what happens on Earth, it is man who twists the fate of each person.  It is man, not God.  God has already marked each person’s path on the only Path, the Way of Truth and Justice, the Way of the Church, the Way of Communion, the Way of Confession, the Way of love toward your neighbors.

                “Never blame Jesus or your Loving Mother for events that occur on the Earth.  There are many who are not able to pray because they don’t know who to pray to.  They don’t know who to petition because they have never believed in anything.  When they ask, say only this: your freedom or your condemnation is in your hands; it’s on you.  You must have seen what remains of a formerly rich country, the small island that is in this world in this hemisphere.  They’ve allowed it to be swallowed up by anti-Christianity.  Today, everyone wants to be anti-Christian.  Today, everyone wants to deny Jesus.  Today, everyone wants to deny Mary.  Today, everyone wants to deny God’s Justice.  His Justice will reach everyone, but they don’t believe that it will come to them one day.  It will come to every town, to every human being, to every country.  Justice will come, but if man doesn’t want to be condemned for the acts that he has committed, he has to recognize his errors and say, ‘Yes Lord, I made a mistake.  I denied You and I used You only for my own convenience.’  No, My little one, man acts like the men of the antiquity, when Jesus came into the world to lead a corrupt and murderous people.  They sacrificed maidens and offered them to their god so they could have what they wanted, but they never got it.  When the Heavenly Father, in the form of Jesus Christ, came down to the Earth, the people took Him to the Cross and crucified Him.  Why?  To do their own will.

                “Remember that everyone twists the Path that Jesus left, which is the Church where you learn to revere and respect the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar and the most Holy Body of Jesus.  That is where each of you must venerate Christ, Who was betrayed one day and Who today, everyone cries for and asks to come and save them from misery, from death, from abuse, from this corrupt society in which you all live, and from the entire world that embraces anti-Christianism.  It has a name in the society in which you live; it is called anti-Christianity, anti-Jesus, anti-Mary, anti-Church, anti-Rosary, anti-prayer, anti-charity, anti-sacrifice for those who have nothing, not even something to eat, while many others have extra and throw it away.  No, My little one, God is not to blame for what is happening today in this world in which you all live and do not know how to respect. 

                “Today I say to you that if God had wanted to make only men, there would be no Christianity in humanity nor any human beings, because a man cannot conceive with a man, nor can a woman procreate with a woman.  Today, many governments are consenting to same sex marriage.  You are unknowingly living in Sodom and Gomorrah.  Remember how Sodom and Gomorrah ended up in fire?  Look in the Holy Scriptures, in the last pages of The Apocalypse, and find where it says the world will not end by a flood, but by fire; it is reserved for the eternal fire.

                “I love you and I bless you.  I am your Heavenly Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”


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