Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children October 13, 2012

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

October 13, 2012

“My little creatures, this Mystery of the Visitation is very important for your Loving Mother, because it is the Mystery of charity.  The Mystery of the Visitation is very important for all the missionaries in the world.  Your Loving Mother became the first missionary when She went to help Her cousin, Saint Elizabeth, who was 72 years old and had three months to go before the birth of Saint John the Baptist.

“At the present time, man is receiving the Justice that Jesus is sending through nature, which is God Himself.  Your Loving Mother appears all over the world to bring the Message of love and the Message of the justice that will arrive.  You do not know when Jesus will come again; neither the angels nor the saints know.  He will find you doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing.

“Many homes are being destroyed.  Jesus and Mary cry over all the abortions that are committed throughout the world.  Jesus and Mary hear the babies crying while they are being killed in the wombs of their mothers.  Many women conceive creatures who later bother them and then they abuse them.  Today, man needs a Moses in the world as a judge so that he could dispense true justice.

“Today, man does not dispense justice; they sentence offenders for crimes against humanity and put them in jail, feed them, clothe them, give them a place to sleep, but they do not do justice; when they release them, they commit the same crimes.  Today, there is a need for true justice in the world so man can correct and straighten themselves on the Path that Jesus left them and so they could shelter themselves within all the Teachings that He brought to humanity to conduct man onto the Path of love.

“Today, your Celestial Father sends your Mother all over the world to gather the flock that is lost and does not know what to do.  Today, people are only looking for things they don’t need.  Today, they buy and store things they don’t need, but they are not capable of visiting the nursing homes to find out what is needed by the elderly persons who are abandoned there by their families, and where they are mistreated and humiliated.  They put them in those places because they don’t want to be bothered by them, and that is why they leave them anywhere they can.  They are abandoned to mistreatment, to humiliation, to pain; they are abandoned by those who should love them the most.  They put the sick ones in the hospitals where many of today’s doctors have no conscience and no charity.  They are abandoned in sick beds and no one comes to see what they need or what they can do for them.  They die in the hospitals from lack of attention.  

“Men of today ask for justice, but one day, God will give it, because they are asking for it.  But they don’t know what is coming, or when that justice will arrive.  Remember always that your Mother says that when you pray the Rosary, you cannot do it without meditating on it; without knowing the meaning of each Mystery.  Your Mother left you the Rosary so that you could select a moment to pray each Mystery, when your Mother will listen to your pleas.  Become accustomed to family prayer with your children.  Choose a specific moment to gather together to pray the Rosary, even though it may be only one Mystery.

“Jesus left the pastors so they could guide the flock onto the Path that He left for you.  There is only one Path, only one God, for the entire world, for all mankind.  You give Him many names, but there is only one God.  God will come one day soon to guide His true flock and rescue the sheep that are lost from lack of attention, from lack of a shepherd to guide them and to know how to find the ones that have been lost.  He will bring them back with love, with the self-denial that He left on the Cross for each one of you.  ‘Love, like I have loved you,’ Jesus said.  ‘Wherever there is misery, I am there, King of kings.  I was born in a manger to teach you that wherever there are sick persons, wherever there are poor persons, wherever there are hungry persons, Jesus is there.  I am also wherever there are drug addicts, because I can take on any personality in order to know your hearts and to know what you are capable of doing.’

“Act with love; love is the greatest thing there is in humanity.  With love you can bring your children to the True Path that He left you.  Learn, My little ones, that in each act of love, in each act of prayer, in each act of visiting others, Jesus is there.  Everyone can be a shepherd of love for the Well Beloved so that one day you can say, ‘Lord, I tried to do what pleases You.’  Do not sow discord, hatred, lies, envy, or treason.  Sow good fruit so that one day, everyone can enjoy everything that God made for you so that you can live.

“I assure you that this is a time of faith, a time of love.  Remember that faith is in your heart.  Open your heart so that Jesus can enter there, and so that when He knocks at the door of your heart, you can open it and say, ‘Here I am, Lord.  Tell me what you want from me, so I can serve You.’

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Lord.  Amen.”

God the Father told Rosa to open the Sacred Scriptures and to write what He would say to her from Ezekiel, Chapter 13, Verses 1-9:  ‘Thus the word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, prophesy against the  prophets of Israel, prophesy! Say to those who prophesy their own thought: Hear the word of the Lord: You did not step into the breach, nor did you build a wall about the house of Israel that would stand firm against attack on the day of the Lord. Was not the vision you saw false, and your divination lying? Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because you have spoken falsehood and have seen lying visions, therefore see! I am coming at you, says the Lord God.’ ”


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