October 6, 2012 Vigil Night

“Your Loving Mother appears around the world to bring the flock back to the fold because they have lost the Path that I left.  It is I, your Celestial Father, Who is speaking to you.  Long ago, I gave your Loving Mother the opportunity to be the One to guide My flock to the fold.

                “Today is a special day for your Heavenly Father because a new flock has come here, and even though among you are many who come out of curiosity, there are many others who truly believe that it is your Celestial Father Who is speaking to you today. 

                “Great events are coming to the world, and man is to blame for all these misfortunes.  He who does not straighten his path may never see the Faces of your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother.

                “Your Loving Mother is the One Who gathers all the little creatures to take them to the sheepfold that your father left for all of you.  You do not know what this little creature [Rosa] has suffered for having accepted the Path that God chose for her before she was born.  She was chosen when she was in the womb of her mother, because God knew what she would do for the poor like Me, Who was born in a manger.  The poor are those who truly receive many blessings for the suffering and hunger that occur in this humanity.  He who has much never wants to give charity, and he who does not have anything, the poor, is the one who gives up what he needs the most in order to serve others.  Anyone who is not able to leave behind what they have in order to follow your Celestial Father when they are chosen, does not deserve to be chosen.  They must give up everything that binds them to the earth and to humanity in order to be able to truly serve Jesus and to make each creature a server for the Lord.

                “I have said many times that man is to blame for all his woes, because drugs, alcohol and human misery in the world are what cause God to pour out His Justice over every place where there is a strong earthquake.  God gives, and God takes away.  God does not punish, but He pours out His Justice.  You will see how many countries will embrace the antichrist, but you will also see that those people will see Justice from God Himself.  I assure you, My little ones, that the generation that is now in humanity, all of you wherever you are, will see things that you are not capable of imagining.  Man is destroying the world by embracing a cult that has nothing to do with your Celestial Father.  I sent My Son, Who is Myself, and they betrayed Him and took Him to the Cross.  In the same way, many today betray My little creature, even though all that she has done for a long time is the Will of My Father.  She does charity wherever My Father sends her; however, many become her enemy.  They have even wanted to kill her, just as they killed My Beloved Son.  I, your Celestial Father, tell you that God chooses His servants from the wombs of their mothers so that people can straighten their paths.  Understand, My little ones, that God can speak through a woman or through a man so they can give you the Divine Message of your Celestial Father.  I say that those who are enemies of the little creature are enemies of the Celestial Father, for it is He Who sends her to all places.  Anyone who is capable of doing harm to others will receive justice with the same weapon they have used to do harm.

                “My little ones, those who follow the Path that God left will inherit the Promised Land that your Father has pointed out to you through the Sacred Scriptures.  All the Truth is in the Sacred Scriptures.  Everything is written, and everything that is written will be fulfilled.  Choose the Path that is the only one, God, your Father.  

                “Listen carefully with your hearts to the Messages that your Mother brings all over the world to gather the flock that is lost.  Pray for this world, which is gradually being destroyed, because you are not really listening to the Word of God through the Sacred Scriptures and through those men who take the Gospel all around the world.  Open your hearts to love, justice, and the True Path, and I assure you that each of you will find the Light at the end of the Path.

                “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


October 18, 2012

Special Message

                “Dear daughter, it is I, your Celestial Father, Who is speaking to you.  I want to remind the men of today in this troubled world that I made for the joy of all mankind, that man has failed to work together with all that I’ve left for you so that human beings can live many years like Abraham and Moses.  I left living natural resources where medicine is found in aromatic plants that I created to grow in all the natural forests, so that with those medicines, made not by man but by God, they could heal all kinds of diseases.  I armed mankind with all the weapons they needed to survive at the time of the great prophets and at the time of the nomadic tribes, who planted so they could harvest foods and eat what was made by their own hands, making bonfires to cook the fish, which I created first in the seas.  Birds were cooked on natural fires in the desert and man survived for many years, because everything that God created He made for the well-being of mankind.  What has mankind done with all that I left for them to survive on and to cure themselves of the great diseases that developed during that time?  Everything at that time was cured with the living nature that I left for you.

                “Man has twisted everything.  While civilization advanced, man was making great inventions for their own convenience and not for the well-being of others.  What does man imagine happened to Atlantis?  With blazing iron, they began to invent horses with the faces of men, and men with the bodies of animals, all types of monstrous animals.  Man began to twist everything by constructing monsters, and for that reason, it was sunk into the Atlantic and it will never reappear.  What did man do with the laboratory at the bottom of the sea in Santo Domingo?  They discovered the cure for cancer where there are great fish in the sea like sharks and whales.  So what happened when the great nature scientists realized that they had a cure for a terminal disease that they had not been able to cure themselves?  Those great laboratories disappeared, and they have never been spoken of again.  

                “At the present time, your Celestial Father sends Messages of love and salvation through your Loving Mother, Mother of the entire human race.  Speaking to the men of today, He says through Her and the Divine Spirit of God, that God made the world with all the human species and the animals so they could live many years, like Abraham.  But what happened with the men of today?  Number one, the majority of them deny that God exists.  There is no faith in humanity and they do not know that when things are impossible for mankind, nothing is impossible for God.  At the End Times, faith will save the people of today, who are full of vice and evil ambitions.  They wage wars in order to sell weapons of mass destruction that they manufacture in those great places that they call laboratories.  They create all kinds of diseases that they do not know how to cure.  Today, cancer is produced in great laboratories that man invents.  It is not cured, because behind each sick person, there is a bank account.

                “Beforehand, at the beginning of civilization, those diseases didn’t exist, and man healed himself from other things with plants from the nature that I left for him.  In those times, they performed cranial trepanations when they had tumors.  They made knives from sticks and they burned them with fire to disinfect them and then opened the wounds and cleansed them with wine.  They covered the wounds with oil, which was extracted by them from curative plants, and with pure honey, a natural antibiotic.  They were healed without the great consortiums of millionaire hospitals that today receive loans from the governments and from all the people.  They are not capable of healing people for free because behind each patient there is a bank account, which you call insurance.

                “Shout to the world with spoken words, with written words, that the cancer invented by man has a cure.  For cancer that is inherited, men know that if they put their minds to it, it can be cured.  Today, everything has a cure, because I have armed people with tools, with wisdom, to live like the ancient prophets.  Cancer is curable, because I left a weapon that housewives have in their homes for making foods and sweets called baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), the one with the picture of baked cookies on the box.  Put 2 tablespoons into a gallon of water and shake.  Pour the mixture into a very small cup and put it into a syringe, like the type used by diabetics for insulin.  Inject this daily into the places where tumors are located – in the skull, in the lungs, in the breast, wherever the ailments are.  This is an alkaloid that destroys cancerous cells and builds up good cells; it cures.  Shout this to the four winds.  Remember, when the injection is given daily wherever the ailments are, you will see how God gives us the remedy, that through FAITH, heals any cancerous tumor in the body.

                “Do not fear little one [Rosa], you are not a bacteriologist, you are not a wise person, you are a humble human being with a heart full of love where one day Jesus sheltered Himself so that you could plant healings in people who, with love and faith, come to you to be healed with My Spirit.

                “Note:  Don’t be worried that many persons may leave you; I will give you new angels to help you.  Never be afraid, you are not alone.  I, your Celestial Father, walk with you, and I am at your side, just as your Loving Mother is.

                “I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Tell the little one who writes this Message that she is blessed by the Celestial Father.”

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