God’s Medicine


In order to humiliate the powerful and the learned, the medicine that God gives us during these times is only one kind, in order to cure the sick:

For Ulcers of the Skin and Skin Tumors: Make a poultice of figs by preparing a paste of figs mixed with a little water and 1 or 3 teaspoons of blessed oil (available at the apparition site) and bee honey. Apply to the ulcers and to the skin tumors. Note: Bee honey is the most pure and completely natural antibiotic.

For Gastroenteritis and Heartburn: Drink one-half cup of red wine mixed with one-half cup of water.

For Dermatitis of the Skin: Boil chamomile (leaves and flowers) in water. Mix with the juice of a lemon and apply directly to the skin affected by dermatitis or inflammation.

For Juvenile Acne: Clean the skin with chamomile tea water and apply zinc oxide at night.

For Sinusitis and Respiratory Allergies: Apply three drops of blessed oil (available at the apparition site) in the nostrils and the ears once per day.

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